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The South Fence Machinery Ltd Barbed Staple Machines have been developed from the Company’s extensive experience of more than 75 years in the manufacture of wire products and machinery specifically designed and produced for the manufacture of rural wire fence products.


It is the vast experience gained over the years that has enabled South Fence Machinery Ltd to identify and design features to facilitate the most economic and efficient manufacture of wire fence products.

South Fence Machinery Ltd's Barbed Sliced Point Staple Machine is a fully integrated high production machine that can produce 600 staples per minute in either barbed or plain form.

machine-bsm-02.jpgThe advantages of barbed staples over plain staples, in soft wood posts, are now widely accepted in the market place and South Fence Machinery’s new machine gives the versatility to offer both types with the same high production speeds, something that has not previously been available.

The new machine is easy to operate with an emphasis on simplicity for all adjustments and tooling changes. A change from barbed to plain staples can be done in a few seconds with one simple adjustment.

The machine is backed by South Fence Machinery Ltd's reputation of producing high quality machines with service to match. Tooling is available for all normal sizes of staples and can also be manufactured to Customer’s special requirements.

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A full and comprehensive risk assessment is conducted on all South Fence machines.

Safety features include;

  • Category 4 Interlock switches on all movable guards.
  • Stand alone safety Relays to monitor all safety related control features.
  • 2mm punch panel guard system powder coated.
  • Warning signage where appropriate.

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  Barbed Sliced Point Staple Machine
Staple Size Range Plain - 19mm to 50mm
Barbed - 27mm to 50mm
Wire Size Range 2.00mm to 4.00mm
Production Speed 600 Staples per minute ( Barbed or Plain )
Machine Dimensions 1.900M long x 1.445M wide x 1.530M high
Machine Weight 1460kg
Floor Space Required Approx 6M x 3M

Some variation to the above specification is available on request. All weights and measures are approximate. South Fence Machinery Ltd reserves the right to vary design and specifications.

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