Wire Forming Technology

A new South Fence development that gives the ability to manufacture a Stiff Stay fence with an internal hinge has been chosen by "Wire Forming Technology International" as one of the top products of 2010.

Key Features

  • Ideal for fencing applications where containment or exclusion of burrowing animals is required.
  • No compromise to machine speed while using the "Hinge" knot box.
  • The line wire spacings of the Hinged section at the bottom of the fence can be set at the maximum economic spacing so it is not necessary to be burying the closer together spacings normally positioned at the bottom of the fence.
  • When erecting the fence the angle of the Hinged section at the bottom of the fence can be varied to best suit the application depending on whether this section is to be buried or is to sit on top of the ground.


South Fence is very proud to accept this acknowledgement form Wire Forming Technology International.

About us...

South Fence Machinery today offers a complete suite of fence machines – Fixed Knot, Hinge Joint and Stiff Stay.

Within this range of fence types is contained almost every fencing need, from camels in desert sands to cows in gentle pastures; from deer in alpine meadows to security alongside motorways, rail tracks or surrounding buildings.