engineering-03.jpgSouth Fence Machinery’s modern 52,000 sq ft plant in Christchurch utilizes the very latest in cad-cam technology to enhance its design capabilities and for the programming of its CNC machinery.

From the expert design team to the skilled machine operators and in-house electricians, all aspects of design, construction and testing are developed as a team effort.

engineering-04.jpgThe staff of over 60 work together with one aim: to produce the best wire fencing machinery in the most efficient way. The team effort is backed by top management systems.

In addition to the manufacture of wire fence machines, we undertake contract engineering, making our advanced machining capabilities available to other engineering companies and manufacturers.

About us...

South Fence Machinery today offers a complete suite of fence machines – Fixed Knot, Hinge Joint and Stiff Stay.

Within this range of fence types is contained almost every fencing need, from camels in desert sands to cows in gentle pastures; from deer in alpine meadows to security alongside motorways, rail tracks or surrounding buildings.